22nd November 2022
Hublsoft and iPortalis Join Forces


At Hublsoft, our aim is to transform the way businesses think about, engage with, and exploit data. We focus on user experiences that make data universally understandable and accessible to everyone – a human-first approach to technology development, with very deliberate consideration of the interplay between people and machine. 

We are delighted to announce that by acquiring automation software provider iPortalis, we significantly strengthen this proposition.

“We’ve always set out to create technology that amplifies human intelligence, rather than trying to artificially replace it, which demands a powerful blend of both automation and human control. This merger represents another significant step in our ability to apply this to very real and pressing business challenges.

We are thrilled to bring the iPortalis team into the Hublsoft family, allowing us to broaden our capabilities, enhance our platform and continue providing exceptional service for all our customers.”
Nick Cowlen, Hublsoft - CEO

The merger of the two companies will allow automation to be applied to a number of decision scenarios. This is particularly significant where substantial operational and cost efficiencies can be achieved, such as automated optimisation of cloud or software licensing economics. A complex world that can now be easily optimised, providing immediate cost-saving solutions whilst protecting capacity and business performance. The future potential of this analysis + action decision framework is incredibly powerful.

“This is a really exciting time to be joining forces with Hublsoft. With our combined expertise, and in particular our heritage of application license management, not only do we have a compelling strategic vision, we are able to deliver significant offer cost saving at a time our clients really need them.”
Pat Clarke, Chair of Hublsoft (Former CEO of iPortalis)

The newly combined group of Hublsoft and iPortalis will trade under the Hublsoft brand and the expert guidance of existing Hublsoft CEO Nick Cowlen, with Pat Clarke, CEO of iPortalis, joining the Hublsoft board as Non-Executive Chair. We also welcome NorthEdge Capital alongside our existing investors Maven Capital Partners. 
Hublsoft will continue to provide world-leading human-centric decision intelligence now with enhanced automation and AI capabilities. Bolstering an even more impressive suite of capabilities than ever before. If you are already a Hublsoft customer, keep your eyes peeled for new capabilities and products that you can take advantage of. If you haven’t yet stepped into the world of Human First Technology, get in touch today and take a look for yourself.

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