Decision Intelligence:
Elevating the Art of License Optimisation

7th November 2023

From the applications we interact with to the cloud infrastructure upon which they run, software has reshaped the way we function. Software has evolved from a support tool to a cornerstone of modern business operations. Consequently, effective software management is now essential for ensuring company success and resilience.

The challenge of a software-driven world:

Due to the multitude of components, rapid technological changes, and continuously shifting business and user needs, modern software ecosystems are inherently complex and dynamic.

With complexity comes the potential for inefficiency and waste, especially when licenses are underutilised or unused. Wastage not only impacts the company finances but also harms employee productivity and the overall return on investment. Employees may struggle with a lack of necessary tools or with cumbersome, poorly optimised, or outdated software, leading to an inefficient use of their time and effort. Inefficiencies also stifle innovation by diverting resources towards maintenance rather than value-driving initiatives.

Managing this complexity —ensuring agility, compliance, and efficiency—demands smart management strategies and effective decision-making.

Leveraging Decision Intelligence for Continuous License Optimisation

The Decision Loop

Decision intelligence is an approach that promotes informed, data-driven decision-making and targeted action. It combines vital human insights with advanced AI and data analytics for robust decision-making. When leveraged for license optimisation, it offers a flexible and adaptive method which:

Provides a holistic view of the software portfolio

To make the best decisions for your company, you need to see the big picture as well as the details. Decision intelligence simplifies complex environments by merging data from various sources. This allows users to analyse individual data points within a broader context, ensuring decisions are accurately informed with awareness of all potential benefits and consequences. This method evaluates all aspects of software licensing, from allocation, adoption, compliance, expenditure and performance, helping organisations create strategies that balance user needs, budgets, security and compliance.

Captures and codifies human context
Even with the extreme advancements in AI and automation, data alone isn't enough. It is crucial for important business decisions that data is combined with broader internal and external factors, which often reside in the decision-maker's head. Decision Intelligence can capture this context within a simple user interface. This context then ensures all decisions meet the business's needs, letting license strategies be tailored to any specific requirements.

Drives targeted action
A decision intelligence approach does more than present data; it provides actionable recommendations for targeted action. By understanding the big picture and layering in the business-specific context, companies can make specific targeted changes aligned to the company's overall goals and strategy. When used to optimise licenses, it provides rapid actionable recommendations to identify and fix areas where license use is suboptimal.

Closes the loop on change
A closed-loop decision-making system refines strategies using continual feedback and by actively monitoring real-time data. This ensures that licensing is optimally aligned with actual requirements and that plans are continuously enhanced through learned insights.

Enhances collaboration and wider stakeholder engagement
Decision intelligence enables stakeholders to quickly and easily collaborate and gain insights from relevant information without the need for technical expertise. This allows all relevant departments to be involved in the decision-making process (i.e., Senior Management, IT, Procurement, HR, Finance, and Security), and software licensing decisions can be tailored to the objectives of the whole organisation.

Facilitates rapid iterative decision-making cycles
A rapid decision-making approach ensures that companies can assess, review, and recalibrate their strategies quickly. This ensures licensing strategies can adapt quickly to organisational and market changes, guaranteeing optimal software licensing and rapid response to any new opportunities and challenges.

Unlocking better, faster decision-making

In today's software-driven world, simply managing isn't enough; smart decision-making is key. A decision intelligence approach provides valuable insights that unlock more accurate, swift decision-making that drives business outcomes and value. Supporting organisations to:

Improve Software Asset Management by thoroughly cross-analysing software utilisation aligned with other relevant data sources to help pinpoint inefficiencies and ensure optimal license allocation, reducing any unnecessary costs.

Drive Business Alignment and Value Insight by critically assessing software asset value, streamlining the alignment of these assets with overarching business goals and refining strategic planning.

Optimise Resource Allocation and Productivity by identifying resource bottlenecks and directing resources towards high-value areas, enhancing employee productivity and fostering a more efficient working environment.

Improve Demand Forecasting and Vendor Management by proactively planning for software demands, reducing potential downtime, and making informed vendor and contract decisions that resonate with their overall business objectives.

Enhance User Experience and Satisfaction by providing insight into user experience metrics, promoting improvements in software adoption rates and pinpointing areas where service quality can be enhanced.

Proactively Manage Risk and Compliance by continuously monitoring software compliance, getting timely alerts on potential breaches, and proactively identifying and addressing software security vulnerabilities.

Time to evaluate your license optimisation strategies

Are you genuinely optimising? If the answer is no, or I don't know, then let Hublsoft show you how Decision Intelligence can reshape your approach.

Discover a smarter and more efficient way to manage and optimise your software licenses. The future is here, and it’s driven by data and decisions.

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