Maximise Your Security Posture
Your Hidden Security Gaps

24th July 2023

Cybercrime is at an all-time high, and particularly so in the UK, therefore, protecting your business and maintaining the strongest security posture possible is critical to your organisation’s success.

31% of UK businesses are attacked at least once a week*

*UK Official Statistics Cyber Security Breaches Report 2022

The consequences of a lack of cyber security can be devastating, ranging from substantial data breaches and financial losses to irreparable damage to your reputation or huge regulatory fines. Sophisticated solutions in endpoint, network and email security are amazing at keeping your company safe from known threats and cyber-attacks, but cybercriminals are equally sophisticated and are willing to exploit any vulnerability they can find. Some of which could be hidden within your software licencing.

To fully understand your security posture, it is vital that you have full visibility of your software estate. Within your software, some key areas are frequently exploited by cybercriminals due to their unique vulnerabilities.

  1. User Identities - Protect Your People and Data:
    Dormant and poorly protected user identities can leave your business vulnerable to unauthorised access and data breaches. Effective management of user identities is critical to maintaining a robust security posture.

  2. Authentication - Strengthen Your Defence with Effective MFA Management:
    Insufficient authentication measures can lead to unauthorised access attempts and potential security breaches. Enhancing authentication processes is essential.

  3. Data Leakage and Insider Threats - Safeguard Your Information:
    Data leakage and insider threats pose some of the most significant risks to your sensitive information. Detecting and preventing unauthorised data transfers and suspicious activities is crucial.

  4. Device Management - Secure Your Access Points:
    Unmanaged devices accessing your company’s software can introduce unnecessary vulnerabilities to your network. Effective device management is vital to maintaining a secure infrastructure and preventing potential breaches.

  5. Shadow IT - Monitoring and Controlling Unsanctioned Elements:
    Unsanctioned third-party apps, devices, and services can heavily compromise your network security. Identifying and managing any shadow IT is essential to maintaining control over your data and preventing unnecessary exposure.

Assessing and enhancing your organisation's security posture across these areas can be a complex undertaking. To effectively manage this process on an ongoing basis, a streamlined view of your software environment and the ability to access near real-time insights is essential. This is where a SaaS Optimisation tool like comes in.

Blog -Discover the difference between SaaS Optimisation and Software Management >

Hublsoft’s SaaS Optimisation solution allows you to fully assess the security of your software environment with ease, providing a clear and comprehensive view of your entire SaaS estate. By applying business context unique to your organisation, you can surface tailored insights and craft actionable recommendations which identify specific areas for improvement, aligned with your goals. This enables you to take proactive steps to close any gaps and maximise your security posture, as well as giving you the power to maximise licence adoption and drive significant cost savings within your SaaS spend.

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