28th March 2023
Women in Tech
Madi Greblo

International Women’s Day is an opportunity to shine a light on the amazing contribution that our team makes to the technology sector and our business. In this series of blog posts, read about the experiences that they’ve had so far, and their thoughts on how to encourage more women into rewarding technology careers.
At Hublsoft we are very proud that 42.8% of our management team are women, way above the average of 26.7% women in the technology industry as a whole. As a company though, we do currently have more members of the team called Steve or Chris (all guys) than women, so we continue to be aware of and look to drive diversity in our business.
This year we're talking to our community to hear their thoughts on working in the technology sphere.
Madi Greblo - Senior Customer Success Practitioner
What do you enjoy most about your role?
I like that there is a lot of room for creativity. Each account and customer is unique and creating a solution that fits their needs is always an interesting, iterative process.
I also love working so closely with our technical team. I learn a lot from my peers and find the brainstorming aspect of the development process both challenging and super rewarding. 
How long have you worked in the technology sector?
For 7 years.
What other roles have you held in the technology sector?
Customer Support and Success in the health tech space. I worked with the support team to implement and maintain a coordinated care platform for patients with chronic illnesses. The platform has really helped change the shape of healthcare delivery in Australia; a very exciting business to be a part of.
What sparked your interest in working in technology initially?
To be completely honest, it wasn’t a space I thought I would be in long term, more as a stepping stone into clinical work, but I am so happy I have ended up here. Innovative technology is so important for so many things; whether that be understanding your business, growing your business, creating a more equitable offering, increasing accessibility; the list goes on. Understanding the possibilities when it comes to building and expanding new technology is a very powerful position to be in. 

What challenges did you have to overcome to get your foot on a career path in technology?
It is a reasonably new space, fast-paced and rapidly changing. I feel you do need to go out and look for what you want and what you need to get there. The great thing is a lot of this can be found easily online and self-taught from there. Having peers in the same space is very helpful in terms of understanding scope in the real world. 

In your experience, does being a woman in your profession come with extra challenges that you have had to overcome?
This is definitely a male dominated space but I have never felt that that has held me back or that I’ve been denied opportunities because I am a woman. 

What’s been the single thing that has helped you with your career in technology?
 If you want to know something, Google it.

What changes have you seen in the sector since you started working in technology?
I do see a lot more women in tech! I also see technology as just one branch of most businesses now, rather than exclusively operating as an independent industry/offering. It’s an essential function if you are wanting to stay relevant and operate efficiently.

What would your advice be to any woman wanting to start her career in the technology industry?
Reach out to people in the industry to understand what sort of opportunities exist and sound interesting to you and what sort of formal training may be necessary.

There can be so many variations of a particular title, so speak to a lot of people who are doing a similar thing, define the most important skills and nail those. There are a huge amount of resources available online, so you can upskill along the way; the power of technology! 

Do you think it’s important for more women to find career paths within the technology sector?
I think an equal balance of women and men in all industries is important.

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